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Sunday, September 15, 2013

SBS Facebook Fan page Summerween Swap BOO!

So much fun today
 I bring you the awesome Summerween Swap from
My partner absolutely spoiled me as you can see in the picture below...
OOh we love our Halloween so much we celebrated in Summer too
Thanks so much for all my new Goodies Dianna

So above you can see my gorgeous box of goodies!
and look at that beautiful card!
Yes that bracelet is amazing, the ornament and the lovely Halloween tile all so amazing!
Owl earrings cat socks, and so much more! plus there was a lovely scented pkg inside that smelled just like Halloween when I opened the box... oh and you can see below the owl found a home on my monitor with my other two owls!
Again thanks so much Dianna and thanks' so much to SBS FB page for hosting these awesome events. Please follow the links at the bottom of the page to see everyone's goodies.
Now don't forget to follow the links below to see all the spooktacular Summerween treats from Simply Betty Stamps face book fan page swap!
Betty Roberts
Terry Henlin on SBS Blog

Corinne Jones

Maggie Schoener

Anita Blake

Trish thedish Sakulich

Sheri Loatwall (aka Sheri Scraps)

Heather Whitlock

Dianna Sowerbrower

Melissa Varga

Summer Hills Painter

Jackie Maunder

Tanja Charles 

Elisabete Balcavage


E said...

WOW!! So many awesome goodies!! Love the owl!!

Anita Blake said...

wow Trish that is one lovely haul well done

Margaret said...

Love all your awesome goodies, and I truly love that owl!

melv said...

Great stuff! You are definitely the Queen of the Owls. LOL

Corinne said...

oh this is awesome... Dianna did an awesome job...

nscropper said...

OMG .... those ear rings ....are so cute. Enjoy your fabulous goodies.