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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiddly Inks Batty Birthday wishes...

I love this image and all day I thought of different sayings where I could use the word Bat to replace another word. I had many ideas but I really liked Bat Wishes on your Birthday!...I love how she turned out much batter than I imagined while day dreaming at work. Okay a couple more sayings I wanted to use was "Bat you thought I missed your Birthday" and my personal favourite..."Bat your ass I miss you!" and my other fave " you are a real Bat ass but I love you anyways"...okay I was getting silly but it was fun and a great way to pass the day at at my care everyone and if you need some of these images yourself just click on the Tiddly inks badge on the right and get shopping. Super deal spend $15 bux get 20% off cool is that its like getting one free stamp, and they are digital images so its instant gratification...see you later...

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tiddly Inks Goth Thanks...

One of the best things ever happened to me at my place of employment. I have a calendar that a wonderful friend gave to me with a different delicious cupcake for every month. I printed a copy of one such wonderful cupcake called a cosmopolitan cupcake, cranberries, vodka, and lime were a few of the ingredients. So a super sweet coworker made them. She brought one in for me and she put this naked cupcake on my desk (meaning no icing) and I thought hey as much as I love the icing a cupcake is a cupcake. Then out of her knapsack she pulls out a icing piping bag and ices it in front of me...So much fun!!...I giggled and clapped like a little girl...I have to say hands down as a cupcake lover that is by far the best thing ever that happened at my job...I do hope she does it said all that I made her a thank you card for her with my new Tiddly Inks Goth image. I love this image a cupcake with a skull on it this is so me...Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiddly Inks Goth collection..

Wow am I glad I found these...I just love the images. I made a quick bookmark for my niece with catgirl. These images are digital and so much fun to look at and colour. I tried to colour the cats to match my niece's fur babies. Thank you for stopping by it has been a hot weekend so I have been without my mojo. Yes I am most definitely a winter girl...summer just does not help me think creatively at all...To all you summer people enjoy.
See you soon,