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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Angel Frame Gift

I have just completed yet another Christmas gift. This one is a framed Anya Angel for friend of mine. She loves Angels and so what better a gift than a little Anya Angel with a special message. Double click the image to enlarge it if you like. Thank you for stopping in....
I coloured Angel Anya with Copics, cut her out and adhered to orange cardstock cut with a nestabilitie. I then added stickles to her wings and frame. A gold pipe cleaner for her halo to a bit of dimension. I then used some glitter glue to smudge all over the background blue cardstock and adhered the Anya Angel to it. A sweet quote, some bling, and inking to finish it off...oh yes a bit of orange ribbon too.

Club Anya All Customer Blog HOP... Happy Holidays!

Happy Club Anya All Customer Blog Hop!

Happy Holidays to you and your family and Welcome to my blog!

Do have a cup of Eggnog or Winter spice tea, and a cookie or two!...

For this lovely occasion I made some edible art. Yes I took rubber stamping to another level! or at least for me.

I decided to try cookies and now I can't wait to make a cake .Below I have given you the recipe for my edible art. Do try it and have fun. I think this will be one project I will be doing at my sons birthday party this spring.

Thank you for stopping by it has been my pleasure to have you all here. Do come back and if you all feel becoming a follower it would be a great honour to have you aboard.
Again Happy Holidays and a wonderful New year to you and yours.

Trish (Stampi)

1.Bake and cool Sugar cookies. Store bought dough or own recipe either is fine. Use cookie cutters in which ever shape you wish the possibilities are endless really.

2.Roll out fondant ( which I bought at Micheal's already made ). Cut fondant with cookies cutters that you used for your cookie. As cookies spread when they are baked the fondant shape will fit nicely in the middle and will be framed by the cookie edges.

3. Then use a black food colouring Marker ( I bought these at Micheal's also) on the stamp directly on the image. Make sure you get none anywhere else but only on the image as it will show up clearly just like on paper. If you do use a bit of wet paper towel to remove it and make sure you didn't remove any of the image itself. If so reapply.

4. The food colouring marker will dry quickly once the stamp is covered so run hot water and hold the image near the steam. This is done instead of huffing like one does with real felt markers on stamps. We don't want to huff on something that is going to be stamp your image using a small amount of pressure.

5. Slowly pull your stamp of the fondant if it sticks a bit just hold the edge of the fondant with your finger and gently pull off the image. I really did not have much trouble.

6. Take a cool cookie and place your fondant on top if it. If the fondant does not stick just brush the cookie with a bit of water and reapply.

7. Then take food colouring drop a few drops on a plate and use a new paint brush and paint just like you would a stamped image on paper.

8. Experiment on a extra piece of fondant to see the colour before you put on the fondant. Mix colours, have fun, and get creative.

9. Once your image is complete if you wish to add bling, in this case real sugar and sprinkles. Use a little water on the paint brush and wet the area you want to put sugar or sprinkles on then add them.

10. Let them dry and package them up and give them away or enjoy them yourself.

I see a million possibilities with these...enjoy.

Do make sure your stamps are clean and not stained with real ink before doing this technique.

Thank you and have fun. If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Angel Anya Christmas and Thank you Cards.

These cards are for all the Angels or Workers at my son's Daycare. They are a lovely group of ladies whom without I could not keep a roof over our head. They diligently and lovingly care for my son everyday I have to be a work. Life is tough being a single mom & working full time.When one can go to a daycare where you can drop off your child and know they will be safe, nurtured, and fed, one can at least go to work and not worry. Thank you ladies and thank you for have a cup of Winter spice tea .....
To make these cards I used scalloped square and oval for the background. I then coloured the Anya Angels with Copics and adhered them to the oval and then the square. Once that was complete I adhered the whole set onto the card and decorated with stickles, ribbon, and sparkle foam stickers. I used gold pipe cleaner for the Anya Angels Halo.