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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick tutorial for a clean finish on your cut out images.

I love the look of a cut out image. Cutting images out is especially handy when you go over the lines or Markers bleed over from blending and such.
Here is my quick and easy way to always have a perfect outline on your image.

Step 1.
Cut out your image as close to the edge of your stamped outline .

Step 2.

Once you have completed cutting out the image often there will be white edges showing. As you can see in this photo or white in areas that are just too tiny to cut around. This white can often detract from the image and the feel of the card giving it a unfinished look as below. By the way you can see my new sparkly copics shining in this picture...
Step 3.

So here is my solution to a clean, bold, outlined, cut out image. I always take my black Copic using the fine tip and I run it around the edges of the image to fill in all those white spots with black. Be careful and do this slowly along the edge to ensure the marker is only colouring the edges. Do not hold it in one spot for to long or the ink will seep in the paper and on too your image. Just a quick stroke workes best.

There you have it, the outline is bold, clean, and no white edges. Hope you like my tutorial and that you find it helpful.


Marsha said...

great tutorial ! thanks for sharing this ;-) i always cut i my stamped images but like an extra white line around the stamp ...


Stampi said...

yep some people do and they cut a bit bigger than the edge for that effect which is equally as lovely...

Lisa G. said...

I always wondered!!! I'm so blonde! Thanks!

Robin McK said...

Great tutorial! And I loved the one you did with the cookie for the TGF newsletter! TFS

beta_rose said...

And here is a tip from me:

I work from the back side of the image I have cut out, using one of my fine tip markers ~ that way, if my hand slips, I dont run ink all over my nicely coloured image.